Contingent Workforce Solutions

With our deep understanding of contingent workforce trends, talent communities, and the technology landscape, we provide impactful Contingent Workforce Solutions.

These solutions help organizations optimize and align their workforce strategies with business goals. For over 17 years, we ‘ve been providing our clients with IT Contingent Staff across a wide range of technology areas and skill sets.

Managed Staffing Services

BlueAlly provides a comprehensive suite of Managed Staffing Services, designed to optimize our clients’ use a contingent IT workforce. As an MSP, BlueAlly leverages its technology and processes to consolidate and manage the client’s staffing supply chain, including automating the onboarding and management of the contingent workers.

BlueAlly helps you achieve:

IT Staffing Services

BlueAlly is well equipped for identifying, assessing, and providing outstanding IT professionals (especially for “hard-to-find” skills) who match effectively our clients’ stated requirements.

BlueAlly helps you achieve:

Manage Engagements

BlueAlly helps provide the knowledge and comfort to our customers that they have full visibility into the performance of their engagements, including system-level performance.

Our Managed Services customers have access to our Managed Services Portal, which integrates the various tools and data that a customer would need for the proactive monitoring and management of any particular engagement (including access to performance, problem, and change activity data, as well as account- level information).

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