CARY, NC.21 July, 2023 – Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN), in close collaboration with BlueAlly, announced today that KAMO Electric Cooperative, Inc. (KAMO Power) is deploying Infinera’s XTM Series on its 2,700-route-mile rural network to serve its 17 member cooperatives across northeast Oklahoma and southwest Missouri. The deployment upgrades KAMO Power’s network, providing the cooperative with an open optical network that delivers high-capacity, reliable, and secure transport services.

KAMO Power is a Generation and Transmission (G&T) cooperative and one of the largest of its kind, providing its members safe, cost-effective, and reliable power through its high-voltage transmission network and communications system. In addition to serving the region as the largest power source, KAMO Power’s cooperative members rely on its robust open optical network to meet the needs of utilities, local government agencies, internet service providers, and local telecom companies.

With Infinera’s XTM Series, KAMO Power can offer its members cost-effective, scalable 100G transport services to meet their bandwidth needs today and into the future. The KAMO Power XTM Series deployment flexibly supports both legacy services and modern Ethernet-based services over a 100G-enabled flexible-grid ROADM-based network. Leveraging an open optical architecture, KAMO Power can seamlessly scale its network to support 400G transmission speeds and beyond to meet future capacity needs while also supporting third-party wavelengths if required. The deployment also utilizes the disaggregated architecture of the XTM Series to provide a highly flexible yet compact network design with low power consumption, keeping both CapEx and OpEx low throughout the lifespan of KAMO Power’s network.

BlueAlly, a key partner in this transformative network upgrade, worked closely with Infinera to design and deploy KAMO Power’s enhanced network. As Infinera’s channel partner, BlueAlly brings a wealth of expertise to the table, complementing the Infinera XTM Series solution with additional IP solutions and comprehensive service offerings that cover all aspects of the network. From initial network design to pre-staging, installation, and commissioning services, BlueAlly ensured a smooth and rapid deployment process for KAMO Power, minimizing any disruptions to their existing network operations.

“As Infinera’s channel partner in this KAMO Power deployment, BlueAlly complements the Infinera XTM Series solution with additional IP solutions and an extensive service offering covering all aspects of the network,” said Maria Will, SVP, Telecom and Broadband at BlueAlly. “With initial network design expertise and a combination of pre-staging, installation, and commissioning services, BlueAlly is able to quickly and seamlessly bring KAMO Power an outstanding rural broadband network with minimal impact to their existing network operations.”

“Infinera’s XTM Series is ideal for rural broadband networks, delivering reliable and cost-effective network connectivity that can scale to meet demand, which is critical for cooperatives like KAMO Power,” said Nick Walden, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Infinera. “With Infinera’s XTM solution, KAMO Power can offer a wider range of capacity and provide new services to its cooperative members.

Through this strategic partnership between Infinera and BlueAlly, KAMO Power is poised to revolutionize its network capabilities, solidifying its position as a leading provider of power and communication services in the region.

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