Automation Improves Efficiency for Healthcare Implementation

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Hospital Network Implementation

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Hospital Network Implementation

The Problem

Our client faced challenges configuring 35 Cisco 9410s and an equal number of 9300s across 20 network closets, totaling upwards of 13,500 interfaces. The new infrastructure convergence merged diverse technologies like nurse call, monitoring, and security into one network using multiple VRFs, ensuring segmentation while accommodating legacy network needs like CobraNet and BACNet compatibility. Extending Layer 2 networks throughout the facility added to the overall complexity of the integration.

The BlueAlly Solution

Initially, we manually generated cut-sheets per switch, then automated the process using scripts for connectivity requests. The script identified and assigned open ports, updated cut-sheets, and configured devices. This streamlined approach reduced the task time to less than 1 minute and required minimal active intervention from the network administrator. For updates, a standardized dataset facilitated efficient port reconfigurations, further reducing total task time to less than half a staff-month even with a potential 7,300 independently requested ports.

The Results

The project resulted in savings by reducing implementation time, as well as providing for efficient and consistent future network maintenance and troubleshooting.

Cost Savings

The implemented automation reduced elapsed time from 14 weeks to 4 weeks and reduced overall costs by 75%.


The immediate output of this process has been efficient in responding to connectivity requests – turning around a standardized checklist-type of document for instructions on patching.


The network has been incrementally documented as the patch process has gone on – the type of device, the rack/patch panel, and the location has been entered into the port configuration.

Faster Reaction Time

Troubleshooting end-host connectivity was enhanced for the network administrator who now uses a fully documented patch plan for the network.

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