Collaboration for Higher Education

Georgia State University, located in Atlanta, is a diverse public research institution. Renowned for its innovation in student success initiatives, it prioritizes accessibility and offers a wide range of academic programs, fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.


Georgia State University

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Georgia State University

The Problem

Students, faculty, and staff found the university’s online communication and document storage systems to be outdated. In such a high-paced environment, easily searchable document libraries are necessary for GSU to maintain its reputation as a cutting-edge technological institution.

The BlueAlly Solution

BlueAlly helped Georgia State University (GSU) implement an advanced collaboration platform, leveraging SharePoint Portal Server and Live Communication Server, to enhance online collaboration for students, faculty, and alumni. This technology facilitates real-time communication, secure document storage, and easily searchable libraries.

The Results

The system, developed by BlueAlly, boosts the school’s rankings by improving student-faculty and alumni-school connections, providing a competitive edge in the expanding executive MBA program landscape.

Enhanced Collaboration

The implemented platform fosters real-time collaboration among students, faculty, and alumni at Georgia State University, promoting seamless communication and interaction.

Secure Document Storage

The solution provides a secure place for document storage, addressing confidentiality concerns and facilitating accessibility for students, faculty, and staff.

Searchable Libraries

The platform offers easily searchable document libraries, enabling quick access and downloads of relevant research, resources, syllabuses, and assignments for both students and faculty.

Competitive Edge in Education

By leveraging technology to strengthen connections within the academic community, Georgia State University gains a competitive edge in the executive MBA program landscape, enhancing its position in national and global rankings.

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