Application Development to Provide 360° View of Customer Data

BlueAlly was initially hired by a regional bank to build a customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. However, the bank lacked an application suite to organize and analyze its enterprise customers’ financial data across hundreds of banking products, including loans, letters of credit, and leases. As a result, its sales organization struggled to understand the risk-adjusted profitability of individual customers, impeding their pricing and service offering capabilities.

What started as a short-term project turned into a lifetime engagement. Within six months, BlueAlly delivered an application suite that organized individual customer data to provide a 360° view of each customer’s vast portfolio of complex banking products, helping our client’s sales organization understand the risk-adjusted profitability of individual customer relationships.

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Regional Bank

BlueAlly’s client is a regional bank that serves multinational enterprises, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and general consumers.


Regional Bank

BlueAlly’s client is a regional bank that serves multinational enterprises, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and general consumers.

The Problem

Our client’s sales organization struggled to price services accurately because they could not understand their customers’ risk-adjusted profitability. This lack of visibility was partially due to the volume of complex products used by each customer, often totaling in the hundreds. As a financial institution, our client also had strict security and compliance requirements for its application suite, posing additional complexities that could not be solved with internal resources.

The BlueAlly Solution

We delivered this application suite within six months, with each banking product residing in a separate application running on a unique technology platform integrated by BlueAlly. As a result, we had to become subject matter experts in our client’s banking products and their corresponding technology platforms. We leveraged our expertise as a Microsoft Gold Certified partner to complete this project, building the solution on Microsoft technologies.

Our team navigated a maze of federal and internal security requirements, following strict methodologies as we developed software across many test environments leading up to deployment and production. The application suite now provides the bank with full visibility of its customers’ financial data by compiling individual customer data and running it through a profitability engine. These immense data sets are reduced to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are viewable in a business intelligence dashboard, providing a simplified 360° view of individual customer relationships and their risk-adjusted profitability.

The Results

Our solution empowers the regional bank’s sales organization with data-driven decision-making, enabling them to price banking products accurately or offer new products to eligible customers. Our solution also met stringent security and compliance requirements, adhering to the bank’s rigorous technology delivery lifecycle that ensures consistency across thousands of employees and application suites. This 360° visibility solution has such strategic value that our client institutionalized terminology, policies, and best practices across its organization based on risk-adjusted profitability as defined by BlueAlly’s solution.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Improves the pricing and service offering capabilities of our client’s sales organization.

360° View

Provides a total view of customers’ financial data and calculates risk-adjusted profitability.


Adheres to the financial services industry’s stringent security and compliance requirements.


Simplifies complex financial data through KPIs and other performance metrics.

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