Digital Experience (DX) Monitoring — Intermittent BGP

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Digital Experience (DX) Monitoring

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Digital Experience (DX) Monitoring

The Problem

The employees of a BlueAlly client experienced inconsistent application performance, notably in global file transfers between two locations. Productivity suffered as operations fluctuated between satisfactory and frustrating, impacting all projects. Detailed analysis revealed the issue was specific to the two sites being connected via an internet VPN. Traditional tools failed to pinpoint the problem, necessitating more advanced diagnostics and analysis.

The BlueAlly Solution

BlueAlly worked with several vendors to research products capable of decoding modern application delivery chains, ultimately building a DX offering using Catchpoint instrumentation for this client. 

BlueAlly implemented a continuous WAN diagnostic system to capture ongoing evidence of performance issues.  

The Results

The system analyzed network performance between data center servers, enterprise staff endpoints, and the Internet. Our analysis provided enough information for the client’s ISP to identify the problem. The client issue was solved once the ISP resolved it with their upstream peer.   

Agent Deployment

Catchpoint utilizes lightweight agents on data center servers and staff endpoints for monitoring.

Internet Visibility

Internet-located data collection nodes by Catchpoint provide visibility into internet performance for data centers and staff endpoints.

Cloud-Based Management

A cloud-based management system from Catchpoint facilitates easy test configuration and result correlation.

Analysis and Findings

Starting the analysis on a Monday and running for 48 hours, significant packet loss every 10-15 minutes was identified at an internet exchange carrier site, linked to BGP interactions affecting the client's address space between upstream providers.

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