Cloud Migration to Accelerate Lifesaving Research

As one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies, our client adheres to aggressive research and development (R&D) timelines to enable its continued business growth. However, in a competitive business landscape, these R&D timelines require agile data processing, accelerated application delivery, and interoperability which the multinational healthcare leader’s legacy data center infrastructure lacked.

In 2019, our client embarked on a multi-year initiative to migrate its services to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and overcome these limitations. As a trusted partner over the past decade, BlueAlly is engaged in ongoing collaboration with the healthcare giant to complete this cloud migration, enabling long-term business growth and innovation through the accelerated development of lifesaving medicines.

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Leading Biotech Company

Over 125 years, our client has grown into one of the largest biotech companies in the world. The company has a market cap of over $200 billion and over 80,000 employees.

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Leading Biotech Company

Over 125 years, our client has grown into one of the largest biotech companies in the world. The company has a market cap of over $200 billion and over 80,000 employees.

The Problem

The healthcare and pharmaceuticals leader was struggling with costly R&D cycles resulting from the time-consuming process of developing and deploying physical systems to meet its scientists’ needs. The company also struggled with efficient petabyte-scale data management, hindering its productivity. These challenges resulted from minimal investment in cloud and DevOps infrastructure that could enable accelerated application delivery, agile data processing, and interoperability. Our client needed third-party expertise to overcome these challenges and migrate its services to AWS. The pharmaceutical leader vetted numerous companies to assist with this project, choosing BlueAlly due to our customer-centric approach and ability to tailor our solutions to their business needs. 

The BlueAlly Solution

BlueAlly assembled a specialized team to work closely with our client’s senior management and provide a long-term strategy for cloud migration and hybrid cloud infrastructure. The BlueAlly team engaged with artificial intelligence (AI) teams to understand our client’s on-premises architecture, empowering AI engineers to independently serve AI and machine learning (ML) models securely and scalably by federating systems. BlueAlly also provided engineers and scientists with training and education in best practices for cloud architecture, cloud development, and containerized application development.  

BlueAlly migrated the pharmaceutical leader’s development, testing, and production environments to AWS and built cloud-native continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) pipelines for end-to-end application delivery. BlueAlly also coordinated migration communications with users and key stakeholders to avoid data loss and ensure alignment. Most importantly, BlueAlly closely managed cloud migration costs to meet our client’s budgetary requirements. 


The Results

BlueAlly successfully completed the first phase of the cloud migration project by June 2023, migrating an enterprise deployment of OpenStack to AWS. This included migrating over 60 OpenStack projects to AWS and decommissioning 131 legacy projects. BlueAlly assisted with the safe migration or deletion of 24.6 petabytes of data, saving our client $1.8 million in support costs over two years. As a result of the cloud-native technologies integrated by BlueAlly, the multinational medicine and pharmaceuticals leader can meet aggressive R&D timelines cost-effectively through the interoperability and accelerated application development enabled by its AWS cloud infrastructure, positioning our client for continued business growth and innovation.  


Increased model training feedback loop efficiency for AI/ML operations teams by over 40 percent.


Empowered scientists to build scalable, resilient, secure cloud applications quickly.

Cost Reduction

Accelerated application delivery ensures cost reduction and time savings.


AWS provides a standardized, scalable environment for service integration.

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