Infrastructure Modernization to Streamline Global Operations

A global wholesale food distributor has approximately 145 remote office/branch office (ROBO) sites in North America that are essential to its global operations. As they sought digital transformation and increasingly consolidated workloads into its data centers or public cloud platforms, it still needed to provide local computing power to its ROBO sites at the edge of its network. However, this company struggled with legacy infrastructure that could not handle the local computing demands of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), manufacturing, robotics, and warehouse operations services.

The food distributor also faced global technology silos and a lack of standardization across its distributed IT infrastructure due to differing technology stacks between its edge locations and data centers, meaning it could not provide many of its data center services to these edge locations. To overcome these challenges, the company collaborated with BlueAlly to modernize its distributed IT infrastructure through a hybrid multi-cloud management solution that also provides edge computing capabilities.

Fruit and veg

Wholesale Food Distributor

This organization is one of world’s largest wholesale food distributors, operating 334 distribution facilities and serving approximately 725,000 customer locations worldwide.

Food Shipping

Wholesale Food Distributor

This organization is one of world’s largest wholesale food distributors, operating 334 distribution facilities and serving approximately 725,000 customer locations worldwide.

The Problem

A wholesale food distributor struggled with unsupported, end-of-life enterprise servers at these ROBO sites. Due to this legacy infrastructure’s limitations, the company lacked data protection and disaster recovery capabilities for its edge site workloads, hindering the company from meeting recovery objectives, including Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), in case of an outage. In addition, the food distributor had limited ability to conduct systematic failover testing. They were also incurring significant management costs due to their overreliance on VMware.

The BlueAlly Solution

After vetting hybrid multi-cloud management solutions, we chose Nutanix to solve this company’s distributed IT infrastructure challenges. We migrated their workloads from VMware to Nutanix across 145 sites within 18 months, finishing ahead of schedule and significantly under budget. Nutanix exceeded the distributor’s local data recovery objectives while enabling structured failover for its local workloads into its data centers if the loss of an individual ROBO site occurred. We also replaced their network switching infrastructure due to aging hardware in its ROBO sites. BlueAlly configured every Nutanix node and Fortinet switch individually in our staging facility before shipping each piece to its respective destination. We also handled the on-site installation, leveraging our expertise to streamline this arduous process and save substantial time and costs.

The Results

Our solution simplified the management of their distributed IT infrastructure by eliminating technology silos and streamlining workload orchestration, enabling this company to meet its edge sites’ data and computing requirements. BlueAlly’s seamless implementation process empowers the food distributor with a global shared services support model, providing their teams with a framework for operating and managing the solution internally.

BlueAlly’s implementation model enables a future rollout of this hybrid multi-cloud management solution across the company’s global infrastructure, including data centers and other locations vital to the food distributor’s continued business operations. Our scalable solution helped the organization modernize its IT infrastructure and secure a global standard for hybrid multi-cloud management, positioning the food distributor for continued business growth, innovation, and automation.

Cost Savings

Eliminated costly technology dependencies through BlueAlly’s expert configuration and installation.


Created a global standard for the future rollout of a hybrid multi-cloud management strategy.

Robust Disaster Recovery

Enabled rapid local data recovery, data protection, and structured failover at edge sites.

Edge Computing

Provided local processing power to enable real-time operations in distributed edge networks.

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