Managed VDI

BlueAlly Managed VDI Services focuses on the infrastructure components required for organizations to present virtual desktops and/or applications to its end users.

Offering Performance and Management with Mobility

After the events of 2020, employees have broken free from their dedicated workstations and single locations. With work leaving the office, teams are expected to remain productive from a variety of devices, which requires them to access business applications from anywhere in the world, at all times of day. This overnight shift has placed enormous pressure on IT departments, who are having to switch from traditional systems to cloud or hybrid architectures and manage a flood of new mobile devices.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the one solution that meets the need for mobility while delivering secure, managed access to desktop machines and installed applications.

BlueAlly’s experienced and certified experts customize the VDI instance hosted in your own private environment to ensure outstanding performance and round-the-clock availability.

In deploying virtual machines, VDI drives down the overall cost of operation, improves productivity and reliability, and offers users seamless access to applications and data from all their devices, wherever they may be connecting from. VDI even simplifies disaster recovery. Virtual desktops can be quickly restored from reliable data backups within the data center.

BlueAlly Managed VDI

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