NetBox Labs and Red Hat Announce Partnership

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Today, NetBox Labs and Red Hat announced a partnership to streamline the support and integration of the popular network source of truth, NetBox, with one of the industry’s top automation platforms, Ansible Automation Platform (AAP). 

BlueAlly is thrilled to see this partnership come to fruition as NetBox Labs and Red Hat are two top partners in BlueAlly’s network automation practice. At BlueAlly, we develop network automation solutions that combine the strengths of both tools—an authoritative source of truth with an automation platform that enables workflow-based automation. NetBox allows us to build a data-driven foundation, while Ansible Automation Platform provides the ability to develop and deploy automation tasks and workflows.  

Automation use cases range from pushing device configuration at scale to event-driven automation, where automation is triggered based on an event from the network or a system, including NetBox. We look forward to seeing the complementary strengths of this partnership in action as we build better, stronger network automation solutions together. 

“Ansible Automation Platform and NetBox are preferred tools for our network automation practice, making this collaboration a win-win for our clients and team members,” said Dan Wade, BlueAlly’s Network and Infrastructure Automation Practice Lead. “Pairing one of the most widely used network automation tools with the most popular network source of truth promises to supercharge the network automation strategies of our clients and ensure there is consistent, comprehensive data for Ansible and ongoing support for users of both tools.” 

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The official partner announcements can be viewed at the links below: 
NetBox Labs blog and Red Hat blog. 

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