Poor Work-From-Home Application Performance Drives Digital Experience (DX) Monitoring

BlueAlly’s client required a more advanced approach to monitoring their remote workforce’s application performance.

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Work-From-Home Applications

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Work-From-Home Applications

The Problem

The 2020 pandemic forced a work-from-home shift, posing challenges to application performance due to unpredictable home networks. Various other factors contributed to these performance monitoring struggles, including the surge in remote work, diverse consumer-level routers, limited configuration control, external network paths, and the inapplicability of traditional monitoring tools in this environment. Applications, delivered from enterprise data centers, private clouds, and SaaS, further complicated the situation.

The BlueAlly Solution

Opting for a digital experience (DX) monitoring tool, we selected Catchpoint for its browser extension and client-side application. This offered comprehensive insights into web-based application performance. Deployed in the client’s environment, the analysis uncovered both expected and unexpected causes impacting the applications.

The Results

BlueAlly worked to quickly identify and validate problems, providing solutions the client’s network team could implement easily.

Performance Improvement

Identified and resolved a key staff member's poor application performance, especially during real-time video meetings.

Wi-Fi Signal Strength Analysis

Utilized client-side network analysis revealing the individual's laptop had poor Wi-Fi signal strength, impacting communication with the router.

Wired Connection Solution

Temporarily replaced Wi-Fi with a wired connection, immediately resolving application issues.

Home Wi-Fi Network Enhancement

Implemented a plan to enhance team members’ home Wi-Fi networks for sustained improvement.

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