Managed Services

Combining people, process and technology, BlueAlly’s Managed Services deliver outstanding value through programs customized to meet your specific needs.

The strength of our Managed Services is based on our technical expertise, benchmarked operational processes, business-driven IT service-level agreements (SLAs), modular solutions, a range of engagement models and pricing options.

Managed Security Services (MSS)

Infrastructure Services

Managed Firewall Services
for Schools & Libraries

Managed Security Services (MSS)

BlueAlly’s Managed Security Services enable businesses to protect their information assets and processes, leading to significantly reduced enterprise risk exposure.

At BlueAlly, we bring together a seamless integration of proven processes, experienced personnel and best-in-class technology to provide information assurance and risk management solutions.Our effective and efficient solutions help in identifying and managing information risks that impact business revenue,reputation and regulatory compliance.

We deliver security services that are highly versatile to suit our customers’ unique business models, regardless of the industry and size of enterprise. We help our clients focus on growing their business while BlueAlly manages their security and compliance requirements.

Services & Cloud Based Solutions

BlueAlly delivers the most advanced cloud-based Security-as-a-Service platform which allows customers to simplify their business’s approach to security management and governance. These tools can be acquired individually or in any combination or as a complete one stop solution.

Our customers benefit from the knowledge and support extended with each product and suite of services through our global team of security specialists.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Our SIEM is a modular Managed Security Services platform which enables the collection and analysis of data from the cloud, mobile, virtual and from applications based in customer premises.

The system ensures end to end security and integrity in log handling and comes with extensive customizable report generating capabilities.

Log Management System (LMS)

Our LMS is a cost effective solution for compliance fulfillment and an integrated tool for enterprise security management program.

The LMS platform allows you to be proactive with your log data for broader purposes than just security and compliance, resulting in better business intelligence and actionable results.

Vulnerability Management System (VMS)

Our VMS is one complete vulnerability identification, assessment and reporting package. It is a cloud based solution that can be easily integrated with other managed security services.

Two Factor Authentication Service (2FA)

In order to secure users’ logins and transactions using their Smartphones, physical tokens, PC or SMS, a two factor authentication is necessary. This is an important ability for most compliance requirements.

BlueAlly combines Secure Authentication Application (TSAA) with the Authentication Analysis and Alerting Module (TAAAM) to provide this advantage.

Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR)

ETDR is a real time managed platform that delivers unprecedented visibility and context to enterprise security teams around targeted attacks and persistent threats.

Our ETDR combines ‘stealthware’ technology and Big Data analytics to give security teams and incident responders an advantage over their adversaries.

Consulting Services

BlueAlly offers experienced individuals to engage in consulting projects and also extend staff augmentation services to the extent of providing full practice including leadership roles in information security for our customers’ businesses.

Furthermore, BlueAlly engages with clients in their efforts to arrive at appropriate Risk Management Policies and Strategies for information security.

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Managed Infrastructure Services

BlueAlly’s Managed Infrastructure Services encompass end-to-end offerings that provide a transformation road map to take a client’s infrastructure from a basic model, requiring regular interventions, to a dynamic, utility-based computing and cloud services model that supports a dynamic enterprise.

BlueAlly’s Managed Services Operation Center located in Cary, North Carolina is staffed with highly skilled and certified resources that provide remote infrastructure management for our clients.
Supporting these resources is our proven set of tools and processes that allow quick incident detection and resolution.

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Managed Firewall Services for Schools & Libraries

BlueAlly’s Managed Firewall Services are designed to ensure network security by preventing malicious web traffic from accessing your resources. The growing importance of the internet and digital learning technologies to K12 schools requires the use of secure networks for delivering the courseware to its primary users. Firewall as a network security system acts as the first line of defense in protecting the users against inappropriate and harmful web content. The increased connectivity of networks and constantly evolving cyber threat landscape calls for sophisticated systems with robust capabilities to combat cyber-attacks.

The Schools and Libraries (E-rate) Program administered by Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) extends funding to eligible schools in the United States enabling them to deliver learning through affordable web services. To be an eligible applicant for the E-rate program, K 12 schools must meet the conditions set forth by USAC. BlueAlly’s Managed Firewall Services can reduce these complexities to school districts and libraries by offering customized solutions that fit Category 2 eligible services of the E-rate program.

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