Powering College Sports with Power BI

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BlueAlly is proud to announce the availability of a new implementation of Power BI in the world of college sports.

Designed for college athletic departments, the Sports Performance Dashboard is a powerful data analytics tool built on Microsoft cloud technology. It pulls together data from training apps, wearable devices and athlete self-assessments to provide visualizations which allow coaches and trainers to easily monitor and manage training and recovery regimens for their players.

The Sports Performance Dashboard: data analytics take team training to the next level.

The Sports Performance Dashboard is built with Microsoft’s Power BI data analysis and visualizations tools. These tools enable us to customize both the data and the presentation to fit your team’s specific needs. These tools also make it easy to add to the data and presentation as your needs and devices change over time.

Data Driven Decision Making

  • Bring together all the data you collect on your athletes
  • Import aggregate data from your training apps and wearables
  • Present powerful visualizations that allow coaches and trainers to monitor players daily

Tailored To Your Team

  • Define your key statistics
  • Filter by team, practice session, position, athlete
  • Measure progress over time
  • Manage recovery post-injury, post-game
  • Catch problems before an athlete is sidelined

Powered by Azure/Power BI

  • Harness the power of Microsoft’s industry leading cloud technologies
  • Transfer data from any source into the (HIPAA compliant) Azure cloud
  • Leverage tools that are a part of Office 365
  • Rapid deployment

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