On-going Support Maintains Application Growth


A Major Flooring Manufacturer

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A Major Flooring Manufacturer

The Problem

A major flooring manufacturer faced challenges maintaining and updating its business-to-business web portal with new products, marketing realignments, and additional functions to support communication needs. This required implementing upgrades, testing, and evaluating new functions, all while being mindful of cost containment due to a downturn in the construction industry.

The BlueAlly Solution

The company outsourced support on a part-time basis to the consulting team, providing a cost-effective strategy for maintaining and updating the web portal. This approach allowed the company to leverage deep expertise when they needed it for specific functions, avoiding the expenses associated with full-time personnel—especially crucial during a construction industry downturn.

The Results

The familiarity of the consultants with the application proves essential in efficiently implementing changes, conducting platform upgrades, and adding functionalities required by different company divisions, resulting in substantial cost savings. The solution emphasizes flexibility, expertise, and cost-effectiveness in adapting to the dynamic requirements of the web portal.

Cost Effective

Outsourcing to BlueAlly consultants reduced the financial burden on the flooring manufacturer, providing a cost-efficient solution.

Expertise Precision

The company can now access deep expertise when needed. This targeted approach ensures surgical management of daily tasks.


As the company evolves, the upgraded solution provides adaptability to shifting requirements.

Resource Management

The company enhanced the flexibility surrounding their resource management, scaling the level of support based on the workload.

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